Saturday, June 2, 2007


Ok people this is SERIOUS.

How many of you know about ?

Well, you should and I have to say that I was referred to it just yesterday. It is/was created by amalia kalyvinou and I found this blog important for reasons of ethics, of humanity of not going with the easy way. As far as I know, she had cancer (malignant tumor) at her leg. And I'm referring to her in past tense cause from 25/05/2007 she is no longer a stranger among us.

The short story is that from the age of 8 till the age of 26 she complained about pain in her leg. All the doctors mentioned at her blog failed in miraculous ways to diagnose the growing tumor. Until it was to late. But her suffering was never-ending. And even when the size of tumor was too great, some doctors (names and situations in the blog) refused to see the obvious. As she refused to bribe doctors for drags, chemicals, for even to diagnose the problem so that the treatment Will commence.

The tumor spread to her body...

Read her blog...

the story is not new but it is my first time reading them from a person how suffered from the medical/pharmaceutical system in Greece.

FOR THE NON GREEK READERS SORRY...but find someone to translate this one to you.

[EDIT] : no comments will be allowed for this post. Read her blog and write there, if you feel like it. No credits for me. She will never read your replies or your condolences, sad but true.

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